New Features & Improvements

Draw mask & crop shapes in advanced output (Arena)
Direct layer input to slices in advanced output (Arena)
Reorder slices & masks by dragging & dropping in the list (Arena)
Native Syphon Input & Output (Mac)
Direct layer input to other layers via router source
Blackmagic capture speed and image quality improved!
Japanese translation and interface
Russian translation and interface
Support for 14 bit Midi via Pitch Bend
Show time remaining on clip timeline (click the time to switch between two modes)
Stop MIDI mapping with the escape key
Drop an effect directly on a layer or composition
Play once & hold for AV clips
Number of steps and Step size values for relative MIDI controller
New AV demo clips by Dan Wise
New B&W mixer

Fixed Bugz
[FIXED] Some plugins do not load on OS X 10.5
[FIXED] Some mixers do not load on win 7
[FIXED] DMX channel number sheet has been updated (again)
[FIXED] Crash with using some AV clips
[FIXED] AV clip set to play once and hold switches back to play once
[FIXED] MIDI out on APC40 makes the slider get stuck on min or max
[FIXED] Crash when triggering a column while low fps
[FIXED] Right click to reset layer AV slider no worky
[FIXED] /2 *2 buttons for BPM sync are not mappable
[FIXED] Crash when changing composition resolution
[FIXED] USB DisplayLink devices don’t work (cause crash on startup)
[FIXED] After triggering a column the clip panel shows the wrong clip
[FIXED] Preview with SHIFT Arrow Keys does not show the clip in the preview monitor
[FIXED] Parameter reset by right click does not work on the name of the parameter in the advanced output
[FIXED] Crash when moving QC clip with parameter linked to audio FFT
[FIXED] Memory leak on shutdown
[FIXED] DMX shortcut for select deck is not remembered
[FIXED] Closing Resolume when QuickLook is open causes crash on shutdown
[FIXED] Add date to Screenshots file names instead of all the 1’s
[FIXED] Decks disappear
[FIXED] CMD + A select all clips but does not show multiclipsettings panel
[FIXED] AV slider is not sent via OSC out when V slider is moved
[FIXED] Layer direction shortcuts (MIDI out) are not sent out correctly when clip is in ping pong mode
[FIXED] Column names are disappearing (again sigh!)
[FIXED] After relocating, resolume jumps back to first deck…
[FIXED] PNG image without extension causes crash when added as mask
[FIXED] Input field calculations do not work in the composition settings window
[FIXED] Load folder from Finder
[FIXED] OSC /activeclip/quicklook/0 does not turn quick look off
[FIXED] Closed Decks are coloured too dark
[FIXED] When you drag something over a clip, select the clip for easier drag & drop behaviour
[FIXED] Layer name label is midi mappable
[FIXED] Switch to 2 property panel layout when “Show layer property panel” is disabled and the layout is set to 3 panels
[FIXED] Video panel is unfolded by default (to keep Freek sane. Relatively speaking.)

[browsershot url=”” width=”300″]Resolume 4.1 Released!