Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.1.3 アップデートきた

Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.1.3 アップデートきたエフェクト3種、トランジション1種、中国語トルコ語に対応、新スライスを一番上に作成(おそらくarenaのみ)


・Dot Screen

・Solid Color

[NEW] New effects: Radar, Dot Screen and Solid Color.
[NEW] New transition: Side by Side
[NEW] Chinese and Turkish translations.
[NEW] Copied slice gets placed above its original, not on top of the list

[FIXED] Blackmagic inputs are upside down on the Mac
[FIXED] Play once no worky on audio and AV clips
[FIXED] Instant crash with Flash on OSX and FlashPlayer 11.4.402.265
[FIXED] Flash parameters do not show up
[FIXED] Dashboard invert makes the value jump
[FIXED] Autopilot skips clips when its set to bpm sync and play backwards
[FIXED] BPM sync value mapped to midi in layer transport controls does not round off
[FIXED] Clips jump around when set to SMPTE and a low buffer size.
[FIXED] Avenue 4.1.2 No worky on 10.5
[FIXED] Having drivers for denon devices installed make resolume refuse to start
[FIXED] AV clips can be set to SMPTE mode
[FIXED] Clip defaults: BPM Sync should ignore “continue” setting from the timeline transport
[FIXED] Colour pass ist kaput!
[FIXED] Mask does not show in the interface, but it does in the output after disabling global blend modes
[FIXED] Deadlock when shooting a LOT of midi to 4.1.1 and opening advanced output