[NEW] Modify default clip behaviour in the preferences

[FIXED] Syphon crashes Avenue on OS X 10.5
[FIXED] Crash: Right-click the clip playhead on the layer when no clip is playing
[FIXED] Crash: Set negative mask width or height in Advanced output
[FIXED] Possible crash when removing layers
[FIXED] MIDI starts lagging over time with composition midi map
[FIXED] Layer opacity composition MIDI shortcut can not be removed
[FIXED] Composition MIDI shortcuts get duplicated on startup
[FIXED] Timecode sometimes only plays clip in one layer
[FIXED] SMPTE framerate setting not remembered
[FIXED] Arrow keys change blend modes after you select a layer or select something from a dropdown
[FIXED] When adding a layer with shortcut CTRL+L while midi mapping, 2 layers are created
[FIXED] Dashboard linked parameter is not movable anymore by mouse/MIDI/OSC
[FIXED] MIDI output not always working for layer focused shortcuts
[FIXED] Dropping a VST effect before another effect doesn’t list the effect
[FIXED] Order of VST effects changes randomly after saving and reopening
[FIXED] Crash: Relocate AV files then reset the in/out point by right clicking
[FIXED] Crash when pressing relocate in the layer window, while the clip has been ejected
[FIXED] Memory leak with Relocate window
[FIXED] Crash when sending a LOT of MIDI and then opening advanced output
[FIXED] Update FFGL and VST plugin folder locations after update
[FIXED] Possible crash on startup with OS X Capture devices
[FIXED] VDIG capture devices are throwing errors that crash resolume
[FIXED] Crash when loading composition with a mask that points to an unexisting file
[FIXED] Middle C now actually like, correct and stuff
[FIXED] Crash when sending layer to slice and using active layer triggering
[FIXED] Alpha not always showing correctly when using advanced output
[FIXED] Retriggering a clip via DMX is not possible
[FIXED] Relocate window does not appear when loading a deck from a different composition
[FIXED] Multi-clip deselect not always working
[FIXED] When a copy of a slice is made the original will stay selected

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