TouchOSC Version 1.8.1 来てた

TouchOSC Version 1.8.1 来てたTouchOSC App

カテゴリ: ミュージック

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What’s New in Version 1.8.1



– Added setting of control/child-control color with MIDI messages (new “c” var)


– Added touch y position velocity emulation option to Push-button controls


– Added MIDI message sending/receiving for Tab-pages


– Added custom OSC messages for Tab-pages


– Added “no rollover” option to Rotary controls to prevent jump from/to full/zero (default for all existing Rotary controls)

ロータリーコントロールで「no rollover」を選択すると指の運びで0から1や1から0にジャンプしないように設定できる

– Added LiveControl layouts


– Added additional control colors

コントロールに新色追加 ブラウン、ピンク

– Changed resolution of Bonjour services to IP addresses instead of host-names

– Fixed Toggle-button received MIDI/OSC message value range behavior

– Fixed Multi-toggle MIDI Note message receive

– Fixed OSC size messages for Fader controls

– Fixed Rx/Tx indicator rendering

– Updated artwork (including support for the Retina iPad display)



– Added MIDI Bridge connection, download the free TouchOSC MIDI Bridge application for Windows and OS X from

MIDIブリッジ接続追加、MIDIブリッジアプリ無料DLできるOSはOS XとWindows

– Toggle button behavior problems fixed

– OSC Network connection and Bonjour advertising now enabled at application start-up

– New layout: Jog-On for NI Traktor by

– New layouts: ViZPad and ViZPod for TouchViZ



– Added Multi-Toggle “exclusive” mode, forcing only one toggle control to be active at all times


– Added Multi-XY control for sending up to 5 touch-points simultaneously

– Added loading and optional up-scaling of iPhone layouts on iPad

– Added different color display of disabled connections on settings screen



– New control: Multi-Push

– New control: Encoder

– Added setting of control position with OSC messages:

/control/position/x, /control/position/y

– Added setting of control z-order with OSC messages: /control/position/z

– Added setting of control width and height with OSC messages:

/control/size/w, /control/size/h

– Multi-Toggle controls now allow multiple touch input

– Corrected sending/receiving of MIDI Program Change messages via

CoreMIDI connections

– Corrected order of MIDI z-message sending for all controls

– Corrected rendering of Push controls to match editor preview

– Corrected rendering of LED controls to match editor preview



– Added “Double-tap pages” option to prevent accidental switching of pages

– Renamed “Double-tap lock” option to “Double-tap settings”

– Corrected handling of OSC color change messages for LED controls

– Corrected order of OSC z-message sending for Push and Toggle controls

– Fixed an issue where Multi-controls with custom OSC addresses would not receive messages

– Fixed an issue where Multi-controls would still react to input when invisible

– Fixed an issue with sending of z-messages for Multi-controls

– Fixed an issue where Label and LED controls would react to input after changing visibility

– Fixed a timeout issue when downloading large layouts from the editor



– Fix for custom OSC addresses



– CoreMIDI support (iOS 4.2 or greater)

– Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer support

– New control: Time display

– New control: Battery charge display

– Rotary controls now show initial position marker

– Raised MultiFader limit to 64

– Improved multi-tasking support

– Various bug-fixes